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Come and visit with us to find out why The Blue Gator is one of the best venues for live music in the Okanagan Valley.
Drops us a line if you'd like more information, call to make a reservation or just drop on by. We'd love to see you!

See ya later, at The Blue Gator!


441 Lawrence Ave,
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6L6

Phone: (250)860-1529

Fax: (250)860-1537

E-mail: bluegator441@gmail.com

The Blue Gator, 441 Lawrence Ave, Kelowna, BC CANADA
Phone: (250)860-1529 Fax: (250)860-1537
E-mail: info@bluegator.net
Copyright 2005 The Blue Gator Bar & Grill
Send us an e-mail at info@bluegator.net